What is a viewing licence?

There are currently around 20 visitor centres for aquaculture along the coast of Norway. These facilities shall be open to the public, and the organisations granted a viewing licence are obliged to provide information at the facilities. Not only do these centres welcome visitors to their production facilities, a number of them also have a centre on shore to complement the experience for visitors. At Storeblå, most of the information is provided on shore in attractive premises at Sandviken in Bergen. At the same time, visitors have the opportunity to visit the viewing facilities in Øygarden or Austevoll.

The Directorate of Fisheries is mandated to grant so-called viewing licences, with the aim to increase public knowledge of aquaculture. The licence implies free-of-charge permits to farm salmon, trout and rainbow trout for viewing purposes.

Storeblå visitor centre was established when Lerøy was granted a viewing licence. Such licences are granted under the provisions of the regulations governing salmon allocations. With their licence, Lerøy is entitled to farm salmon, trout and rainbow trout as fish for consumption and for viewing purposes at two localities: Rongøy in Øygarden and Flatøyflu in Austevoll. This viewing licence is unique in Norway, as it is the first to allow viewing of the production of algae and mussels via the Ocean Forest project, so visitors can learn more about this type of production, in addition to salmon and trout farming.

Located nearby the Norwegian Fisheries Museum in Sandviken, this is the only such visitor centre in Bergen, the second largest city in Norway.

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Storeblå is a collaborative project between the fish and seafood producer Lerøy and the Norwegian Fisheries Museum. Lerøy finances the centre, while the Norwegian Fisheries Museum is in charge of operations and providing information to visitors. The purpose of the visitor centre is to provide a comprehensive insight into the aquaculture industry and what the industry means for you and the rest of the world. The aim of the exhibition is to increase knowledge and address relevant issues, allowing visitors to reflect upon and make up their own minds about aquaculture and a steadily growing industry. In addition to the exhibition, Storeblå also has an educational programme for pupils with a lab on the first floor.

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