Travel by RIB to the world of the salmon!

After one and a half years of COVID-19 restrictions, we can now finally invite passengers back on-board our RIB excursions!

Do you want to learn more about aquaculture? Would you like to see salmon farming up close? 

Visit Storeblå aquaculture visitor centre and join us on an excursion out to a fish farm.

Contact us for information on our scheduled trips. Advance bookings only!

We take visitors by rigid inflatable boat (RIB) from the Norwegian Fisheries Museum in Sandviken out to a salmon farm in Øygarden just outside Bergen. Once there, you can disembark and walk around the cage where the salmon swim and visit the feed barge. On-board the feed barge, you get an insight into how the salmon are fed and bred, and into the normal working day for the people who work at the farm.

The RIB excursion out to the farm is an experience in itself, a wonderful way to see Bergen, the capital of West Norway, and the coastline from the water.   

The excursions go in all types of weather. The actual trip by RIB takes around 30 minutes each way, and you need to be in good health to take part. Things can get rough out on the water! Please note, however, that we have full focus on passenger safety, use only highly experienced and competent RIB skippers and have all the safety equipment necessary for the trip and our passengers. 

The excursion also includes a visit to our audio-visual exhibition on aquaculture at Storeblå visitor centre. The aim with the exhibition is to provide well-balanced and fact-based information on one of Norway’s largest industries.  

What potential can be found in the sea? What are the living conditions like for the salmon? Is aquaculture sustainable? 

One of our main aims at Storeblå aquaculture visitor centre is to encourage all our visitors to reflect on how the food we eat is produced. Join in the discussions about the future of food production at sea! 

“The combination of visitor centre and RIB excursion to a fish farm is a unique opportunity to gain an in-depth insight into the aquaculture industry and learn more about the lives of the fish”.

RIB-tur til visningsanlegg

RIB excursion from the Norwegian Fisheries Museum to a fish farm in the archipelago outside Bergen