Experience life under
the sea surface!

Are you ready for a spectacular, high-speed and educational trip out to sea? You now have an opportunity to see how aquaculture works in practice. Grab the chance and extend the experience by combining the exhibition at Storeblå with a bracing RIB boat trip to a fish farm outside Bergen. Excellent guides from the Norwegian Fisheries Museum will show you around and answer your questions. Learn more – experience more – and see nature and aquaculture up close! 

We are open from 11.00 to 15.00 Tuesday - Sunday

What is a aquaculture visitor centre?​

A aquaculture visitor centre is aiming to give more insight and knowledge about aquaculture business, a growing industry. There are over 20 visitor centres along the Norwegian coast line. These centres are open for publich who wants to learn more about the breeding of salmon and trout. 

Storeblå  is such a visitor centre and a collaboration between the seafood producer Lerøy , who has been granted the viewing license and is financing the project, and the Norwegian Fisheries Museum who is responsible for the operations and the presentation to the public. The location of the visitor centre just by the Norwegian Fisheries Museum in Sandviken makes this the only visitor centre with such a central location, in Bernge, the second largest city of Norway.

What is a view licence? ​

To improve the knowledge regarding mariculture in the public, the Directorate of Fisheries the possibility of giving so called viewing licences. These are permits free of charge for breeding of salmon, trout and rainbow trout for viewing purposes. 

The visitor Centre Storeblå is a result of Lerøy Seafood being given a viewing licence and is a collaboration project between Learøy Seafood and The Norwegian Fisheries Museum.

The goal of Storeblå is to give the public more knowledge about the mariculture industry and what is means for you and the rest of the world. Lerøy has financed the project and the Norwegian Fisheries Museum is responable for the operation and independent information to the public. 

Mariculture concerns me

Mariculture concerns you! At Storeblå  you will learn more about why this concerns you. You get an insight to the mariculture industry, learn how he breeding for the the fish is done, the local and global repercussions, and how mariculture can be developped sustainably. After a visit at Storeblå you can make up your own opinion about mariculture in a bigger perspective.

More about mariculture​

We have gathered some links to give you the opportunity to explore the mariculture more closesly. We encourage you to seek knowledge/information and make up your own mind regarding how mariculture concerns you!

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